Wednesday, March 12, 2014

InWorldz Fifth Anniversary Celebration Starts This Sunday

Thus Sunday March 16th, the InWorldz Grid celebrates a milestone. The Grid will officially be five years old.

We are about to have a very BIG BIRTHDAY here at InWorldz and so, we will be celebrating in a VERY BIG WAY!

We will be having a celebration at the IW Events sims from March 16th Through April 2nd 2014. The area entails 21 sims, though 6 of those are water sims intended to minimize lag. We are spreading this far and taking great measures to ensure minimal lag. We ask all participants to help us as well by minimizing scripts.

Of the 21 Sims- 15 will be showcasing some aspects of InWorldz you may not see in your daily lives here. Features like Roleplay from light to dark, Fantasy oceanscape with mer and pirate roleplay, gypsy camp where all are welcome to dance by the fire, the Tinyville sim where tiny, petites and furries can give you a glimpse into their worlds, Dreamscape- a Dreamlike fantasy landscape you may never want to leave, An entire sim dedicated to Visual Arts, A sim for Music - our Main Stage, one to Fashion with Fashion Shows by 3 major Agencies of InWorldz, 4 Contests sims- details below, A sim representing the adult communities of IW, and finally, A Merchant sim for shopping that will knock your socks off- but don't worry you can but new ones there!

Daniel Voyager reports work is still gong on at the builds, "This is certainly going to be the one of the biggest events the community has ever hosted and I strongly recommend everyone to come along to have fun. ...  It’s going to be fascinating ... to visit the IW5 birthday builds this year and attend birthday events that will be held. I’m excited and I can’t wait!"

For a calendar of the events, Click Here.

For the thread in the InWorldz forums, Click Here

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