Saturday, March 1, 2014

Word on the Street: Hack Attacks

Lately, we've been hearing of a number of groups passing out warnings of people getting hacked after checking a link posted by a friend, which ends up leading to disaster. They usually go something like the following.

*WARNING* Multiple hacking going on in SL today and it involves Market Place. your "friend" will send you a link to market place, you log in giving your name and password and your are hacked. They immediately change your password and then send the same invite to all your friend's....DO NOT follow any links to Market Place today whether the offer came from a friend or not. LL is aware of it and have shut many accounts down today.

These warnings aren't just idle threats.  Some months ago, one of the residents of the Sunweavers was the victim of a similar hacking attack. So be careful about what links  you click on.

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