Monday, March 17, 2014

The "Catch the Criminals" Relay for Life Game

On Sunday March 16, one of the teams of the Relay for Life, Team Mental Health Awareness Retreat posted the following announcement:

Calling all units....we are searching for subject Luna Cheevus RFL (catharticluna) and Remy Hadley  (naeviaturquoise). Please be advised that subjects can be highly dangerous. There is a Reward of Cozy Beach Cottage House being given out for the person who finds them.

Where In The World Is Luna and Remy? (It's like playing "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego")

Checking out the included notecard, there was a little more information.

In order to play this game you will have to donate 500L to the relay for life kiosks located at
L.A Lakeside Family Center, Labor of Love (172, 67, 22)

Once you have register, send an IM to Joshuan Banx to get all the information.

Registration is until Tuesday, March 18th. The first person to find the subjects after the game begins, wins a cottage house. The prize is for each subject.

I went ahead and 'ported to the landdmark's location. I soon found the team's kiosk. I decided to contact Joshuan to see if he had more to say.  Asking him what people could expect on the hunt, he told me, "Lots of fun, the opportunity to explore different sims, and maybe some level of anxiety or stress for not being able to catch these criminals. They are so fast, so well skilled and organized that not even our best agents have found them yet." How fast were they? He answered, "They have robbed several banks in the last 3 years and we still haven't been able to catch up to them yet. The latest robbery though has made them a high profile case and the most wanted. They stole a special key right from inside the White House! and yet, not a trace of where they can be. ... This key holds a lot of value to the economy but I can't say anything further as it's top secret. If we don't catch these criminals soon, citizens will find themselves in worst conditions (since) the Depression era."

"This is why we need the best detectives we can find. We need all eyes and ears on the street looking out for these criminals. We need them to be reported immediately. Please tell the citizens of second life to stay safe and be alert. We will equip our detectives with all the information on these criminals on March 19th. Hopefully someone will find them."

I asked for more information about Team Mental Health Awareness Retreat. He told me, Many people tend to forget the mental health illnesses that are caused by the diagnoses of cancer. A part of what we do for relay is that we offer mental health resources and information both RL and Sl for people who are battling cancer and or caregivers. We offer an opportunity to talk to a group of peers who understand what it's like to suffer from depression, anxiety and/or PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) while being diagnosed with a serious illness. If someone is out there feeling depressed or alone, the people from Mental Health Awareness Retreat wants to let you know that you are not alone. You have a group of peers that care and would like to meet you. We also have information in relations to cancer and mental health in almost all of the events we do. Anyone can feel free to grab those information. There shouldn't be a stigma attached to mental health illness. It's ok to ask for help and you can recover from a mental illness."

"According to statistic 1 out of 4 people who are diagnosed with cancer will face a form of depression. Having depression can really affect how a person responds to cancer treatment. The good news though is that depression is treatable but because of the stigma that is attached to mental health, many people won't seek help. We hope to decrease the stigma and provide information showing people that recovery is possible and that it is ok to seek help. Research shows that people who cope with depression and/or recover from depression are more likely to recover from cancer then those who don't."

"Anyone can feel free to drop in by the Mental Health Awareness Retreat to pick up the resources or any of the events we do. We will have the resources there as well." Joshuan told me that the group itself does not provide counseling, "we are not professionals within SL nor provide counseling or any form of therapy. We are a peer to peer group who provide resources such as phone numbers to a local place someone can reach out to, hotlines, websites, and if need be, we can help locate a place near your hometown that helps with mental health and cancer and/or offers support groups. One of those resources for example is They offer amazing! information in regards to cancer and mental health."

Joshuan also has a blog, "Skittles in the Pit," which has a number of posts about Team Mental Health Awareness Retreat.

Once again, the location of the team's kiosk is at  L.A Lakeside Family Center, Labor of Love (172, 67, 22)

Bixyl Shuftan

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