Saturday, March 1, 2014

SL Video: "Misty's Goodbye"

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From Misty Mole / Calandris Pendragon (June 24, 2013) - "Some snapshots from my five years as a mole builder for Linden Lab. I was fired as a mole last week because I declined to carry on making original music for less than I'd make in McDonalds, with no discussion or negotiation allowed.

The video shows work I did for Linden Lab in the past five years. The music is by me, and I have called it Misty's Goodbye. The stills in the video include:
Build and objects for Nautilus continent
Interior build for Hau Koda airport
Memorial - build of the central monument, build of some personal monuments and music
Small builds to fill in abandoned land
Linden Homes sims and transitionals - decorating and original games hidden in some of the sims I built
Pyri - build of the throne and burial room
Cape Ekim, original concept and project management and music (dragon by Garden Mole)
Build for Sea of Fables sims
Build for Coastal Waterways sims, including the White Islands game
Project management and music for the experimental game build Kneph
Project Management, building and original music for Linden Realms
Sounds and music for the Grid Hunt
Fireworks for SL10B

I'm most proud of some of the plants I made for the moles, including the olive and fig trees, rosemary and wisteria I made originally for the Sea of Fables (the olive trees were used for Linden Homes sims too) and the games I hid in Linden Transitionals and white islands sims.

There's much else I don't have photographs to illustrate, as they are on my inaccessible mole account.

I loved being Misty Mole and feeling that I was contributing to make the Grid a better place to be. I'm sad to be leaving that behind, along with many of my team mates, who will carry on the work I am leaving behind."

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