Friday, March 21, 2014

Madpea's Kiana Writer to Sing at Furry Fair

When Kiana Writer, the head of the Madpea area, known for it's gaming and other activities, agreed to be part of the "Feed a Smile" charity auction, she probably had no idea what to expect. But what happened didn't cross her mind at all, "what I didn't think was that IF I write I'm willing to do ANYTHING for this, then I should be truly prepared for ANYTHING!"

The winning bid for Kiana was made by Chloe Seljan, the owner of the Potpourri Markets. So what did Chloe have in mind for Kiana to do? She had only one request ...

"I need you to sing at Furry Fair."

Chloe is the organizer of the Furry Fair, which has been going on all this month. Today is their "Feed a Smile" Day, and Kiana was made part of the line-up of musicians as a singer.  She goes on stage at 7PM SL time, "As a person who keeps her word, I decided that I WILL SING! It's been neverending practise now to make sure that my voice will be smooth as silk and lots of training (wine) to keep my nerves calm as I don't like to be in front of an audience. No matter what, there will be plenty of SURPRISES and GIFTS for the audience."

So will Kiana end up making scores of fans from Second Life's furries? Tonight will tell.

The event is at 7PM SL time at Boutou (123/119/25)

Source: Madpea Blog 

Bixyl Shuftan

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