Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Anniversary Recollection of the Closing Thoughts

To add to Bixyl’s of the SL Newspaper, I was taken with a feeling of sadness at losing the opportunity to continue writing about all the marvelous places and events in Second Life. Dana and James were very good to all of us reporters and I hated the idea their sadness in closing and also of losing a good job!  So it was with brief hesitation when Bixyl informed me that he wanted to either take over the SL Newspaper, or to start a new paper. I said yes, we can try it.

Well, after four quickly moving years I can say the “try “ worked. All across the grid I run into people I never met before who say “I read the SL Newser every day.”  It has been a privilege to work with Bixyl, Grey , and all the other past and present writers who work for the SL Newser. 

There have been many changes in Second Life in those years. Linden Lab has given us many topics of interest to the residents and Bixyl keeps an eye on all of them for us. His dedication as Editor is constant, his mission, to keep SL informed fulfilled. 

I still enjoy traveling the grid to seek out topics of interest to the public and referring interviews (which I don’t do ) to the other reporters when I meet someone who you need to know. I hope we can continue to serve all the residents who follow us in the future and acquire many more . 

Gemma Cleanslate

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