Wednesday, June 25, 2014

SL 2.0 To Be Out As Beta 2015, Completed 2016

A release date has finally been given for the next generation virtual world Ebbe Linden announced Linden Lab was working on. In  an interview with Roberto Baldwin of "The Next Web," Ebbe gave the release date of the beta as "expected to be launched in 2015 with the final version sometime in 2016. He told the internet magazine they would be hiring forty to fifty more people for its development.

Ebbe told Baldwin that this new virtual world will offer new and better toold for content creators, and everything that makes Second Life attractive for it's residents will be available in its successor. So why not just keep on updating Second Life? Ebbe's answer was, "We're not going to constrain ourselves with backwards compatibility."

Baldwin also talked about Oculus Rift and development for interaction with Second Life.

Source: The Next Web

Hat Tip: Jo Yardley

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