Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happy 11th Birthday SL!

By Grey Lupindo

The birthday celebrations for Second Life are always special for me because my first visit, many years ago, led to me becoming a news reporter here in SL.   I always look forward to the creativity, beauty, and great people that I meet there each year.   This year’s celebration features 8 areas – Astound, Beguile, Enchant, Fascinate, Pizzazz, Spectacular, Spellbound, and Wonderous – with hundreds of things to do and see.   But it was fitting that I started my visit at the SL Newser building, located on Fascinate at SLNewser Office Building, SL11B Fascinate #20, SL11B Fascinate (78, 87, 21).
       We have a great view from the conference room floor.  Early Monday morning I met up with fellow reporter Gemma Cleanslate, and we chatted a few minutes about the sights of SL11B.  After you check out the views, you can look at the cartoons to start your tour with a laugh.   On the second and third floor you will find our pictures, which link to our favorite articles.   I’m sure you’ll want to re-read all of them. 
          I met Motoko (marisa.warrhol) while she was visiting the news office.   She recommended that I see The Blackened Mirror, a nearby build by Aisling Sinclair.   This build is a movie set that lets you become part of the action.    Motoko said the movie set was awesome, and I agree.    It is located at L11B The Blackened Mirror, SL11B Fascinate (97, 112, 23).   The notecard states that it is, “... an animated television series that brings together elements of film noir, steampunk, and classic Lovecraftian horror. “   The show is produced here in SL, and can be seen on Treet TV, Aview TV, or on YouTube.  A HUD is included in their gift box so you can view the show in world, too.  Season 3 will be released in the Fall. 
        Next I began checking out some of our neighboring builds, beginning with Eternal Realms at  SL11B Fascinate (68, 32, 23).   This build features a mesh replica of an 1830 Victorian train.  It was created by Tintin Tuxing, and it also features great gifts.  I received a Victorian lamp and a mermaid golden harp.
            SL11B has a great treat for all of us who love to hunt.    The hunt will cover all of the regions over four paths.    A large sign in front of participating builds lets you know to hunt here.    You can start anywhere, but HUNT SL at SL11B Fascinate (110, 38, 24) was my choice as a starting point.   In addition to lots of well-hidden prizes, the huge tower has information about many of the upcoming hunts.   I ran into fellow hunt-lovers ScouseGirl and Bee Sopor here.  
            If mazes appeal to you, be sure to check out Amazing Dreamz at SL11B Fascinate (69, 198, 31).   I found this to be a very difficult maze.  It was created by arniek Resident.    Inside are a tangle of colorful halls and ramps and many dead ends.   I finally gave up and cheated.  I flew to the rooftop patio where I could relax with Tai Chi and the soothing sounds of the waterfall. 
           My last stop for the day was at Relay For Life of Second Life, SL11B Fascinate (141, 189, 21).   This quiet spot is a beautiful garden with lovely music and places to relax.  They call it “A serene look into the future when the cure for cancer has been found.”   A lovely thought for a lovely place.

          A complete list of all the sights and events on Fascinate, as well as the other sims, can be found on the SL11B website at

Grey Lupindo

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