Friday, June 6, 2014

SL Go Expands Free Trial Period To Seven Days

SL Go, the application that allows Second Life users to access the virtual world via a tablet, had been offering users a trial period to allow residents to use it for free to see if they liked it. But at 20 minutes, people complained it was far too short. Beginning on June 3, residents would have much more time to figure it out. The trial period had been expanded to seven days.

Onlive, the company that cooperated with Linden Lab in making and running SL Go, made a statement through it's senior product manager Dennis Harper, "Onlive will now be offering new SL Go users a 7-Day Fre Trial with sign up for an 'unlimited access subscription package. A valuable piece of feedback from the Second Life community has been that the 20 minute free trial is not sufficient to get a true experience of SL Go. Now new users can try SL Go free for an entire week, experiencing Second Life on their Androis tablets or seeing how SL Go can render ultra-high graphics even on a lower powered laptop computer. Impressions of SL Go from the Second Life community have been brilliant so far, and this new 7-day Free Trial will hopefully encourage even more players to check it out."

SL Go can be downloaded at

Source: Daniel Voyager

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