Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lunar's Builds in EduIsland

TotalLunar Eclipse, the mayor of Steelhead (and co-owner of the sims) is known for his builds there. But the steampunk community isn't the only place you can find his builds. One other example is the VLCT in Singapore, an education building done by him.

Some items in the classrooms were added later, but the building's Lunar's.

The VLCT is at EduIsland 9 (149, 193, 26)

In the same sim is another build by TotalLunar Eclipse, the San Xavier Mission.

A small piece of Arizona and all the exciting history and resources that makes the state who we are.  Explore the the historic build of San Xavier del Bach.  Hike to the top of Mt. Humphreys and enjoy the views.

The San Xavier Mission is at EduIsland 9 (227, 78, 22)

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