Thursday, June 26, 2014

Press Release: Madonna Virtual History Tour to Hold Event For "Feed a Smile"

(Click here for the video)

- SATURDAY JULY 12, 1 PM SLT @ IGBC for the charity event FEED A SMILE
Rehoboth Park, IGBC Gay Rehoboth (219, 103, 800)
A special charity event in partnership with IGBC!

100% of donations will go to "Feed a Smile"
Feed a Smile is a project of Live in Learn in Kenya International. We raise funds to feed very poor children on the Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l program in Nakuru - Kenya. Become part of making the world a better and nice place to live in for hundreds of children on the program. A warm meal for a hungry child only cost 100 Lindens...

Make a difference and have fun doing it!

The event is one of three shows for the Virtual History Tour, "Each show will have some songs not performed in the others, so we'll play in 3 shows all our songs! We have also NEW SONGS, new and updated sets, so join us for this special Tour 'Love Makes The World Go Round' ! The revolution of Love is on!"

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