Wednesday, June 25, 2014

SL11B: Tips For a Good Visit

 After weeks of preparation and work on the part of the staff, the SL11Birthday celebration is finally here! Remember the first week will be party, party, party! Three stages full of entertainment  , live and djs . The schedule for each is on the website. The delightful outdoor Auditorium will host a number of speakers on many various issues for residents so take a good look at that schedule also. There will be lag of course so dress accordingly and come with fewer huds and embellishments to your avatar for comfort. 

Since the 11 sims will remain open for a second week for viewing all the marvelous builds created especially for this event you should get a chance to see a lot. I caution you , though I have been there already for three weeks I have not seen everything and don’t expect to. Past experience tells me I won’t. There is so much to look at and investigate. 

Don’t forget there is a hunt going on in all the sims in various builds. You will see a sign at those sites and need to take the time to go in and find your gift. Some creators also have their own freebie gifts set out for you too. I made a special folder for items picked up there so I can be “organized “ (laughs out loud). 

I strongly recommend that you take a pod tour to see just what is there. There is a tour for the eastern sims and another for the western. It is narrated so you can see what you are passing by. Hop out anytime you want at a site. There are friendly greeters who can help you get around and pass out information. Don’t miss the vendors containing a special robot for the occasion and teddy bears and more

The best place to get all the information you need to move around the sims is the website. Keep this close and have a great time!!

Gemma Cleanslate

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