Sunday, June 29, 2014

Today in Roma

10am - Bellonalia Ritual
Our festivals begin with a ritual for Bellona, the Roman Goddess of War - sister of Mars, and Spiritual Mother of ROMA's Amazons. After the ritual, we will have chariot races in Bellona's honour, with prizes for the victors!

ROMA Subura Street, ROMA Subura (52, 112, 23)

12pm - The Bellona & Vesta Grand Feast
Our Festivals culminate with the Bellona & Vesta Grand Feast - our wind-down party from the hectic Bellonalia Chariot Races! Come dance with us to some wonderful  tunes by the wonderful Lyndon Heart and pleasant conversation!

Transtiberim Path, ROMA Transtiberim (177, 105, 21

1pm - Legion Relay Race
In honour of this month's festivals, the Legio has decided to conclude them with a relay race through Transtiberim! Racers will be organised into 3 man teams - which will gather items needed to bake bread for Vesta, prepare them, and present the baked bread at the finish line. This is a timed race, and the 3 best times will recieve cash prizes!

Legion XIII, ROMA Transtiberim (138, 187, 42)

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