Monday, June 2, 2014

SL11B Update

This weekend, the plots at the SL11B were opened. And that very afternoon, we were able to get our exhibit up quickly on plot Number 20 of SL11B Fascinate. Here's the top of it.

"The hat" comes from earlier Second Life Birthday events. The first time we took part, we were asked to drop something on our plot to claim it. Yours truly dropped a giant copy of his hat. It got such a positive response, we kept it as part of the exhibit. And so it remains.

We ended getting up Saffia Widdershins next to us. We were also close by the Auditorium.

The place was very well done, and other exhibitors stopped by to take a look at the virtual greenery that was there.

Exhibits are going up around us, but no one gave us an okay to take pictures this early (closer to opening day, we'll start showing some). But we can tell you the SL Newser exhibit no longer stands alone.

This is it for now. We are tired after a busy weekend. But here's the eleventh SL 11B video from Saffia:

(Click here if the video fails to play)

For more information, check out the SL11B blog:

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