Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Second Life Newser Celebrates Four Years

This week marks the fourth anniversary Second Life Newser has been in business. To celebrate, there will be a few events in our honor.

Thursday June 5
Club Zero Gravity

6PM to 8PM

Purrfection Estates  (232, 35, 3340)

Friday June 6
The Happy Vixen Beach Club

3 PM to 5PM

Purrfection Estates (185, 45, 21)

(Note: the club is next to a nude beach, so you might see some "northern exposure."

Saturday June 7

Cova's Cove

12PM to ?

Private beach (normally closed to visitors: location)

Club Cutlass

6PM to ?

Sunweaver Space (176, 62, 125)

Saturday  June 21

Gemma and Qwark's Beach

12PM to ?

Thorstar sim (exact location later, but you can see the dots on the map)

It's been hard work, but an honor, bring in you all the news. And now it's time for a little celebration. Hope you can join us.

Bixyl Shuftan

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