Friday, June 20, 2014

10,000 Linden Photo Contest For SL11B From Linden Lab

Besides it's limited edition freebie robot avatar, Linden Lab is holding a photo contest for the Second Life Eleventh Birthday. The prize: ten thousand Linden dollars, worth over forty US dollars.

... you’re invited to take part in the Second Life: Celebrating Your Second Life Snapshot Contest, in honor of 11th Birthday of Second Life. Participation is easy - submit your celebratory snapshots from inworld to the contest page on our Official Second Life Facebook PageClick the contest tab, review the contest information and rules and start sharing. This year you will be able to submit up to one snapshot a day for the duration of the contest. Full rules, submission and voting dates, and details are all on the Facebook page.

Linden Lab reminded readers on it's blog of the SL11B celebration area, and the Destination Guide page for some of the exhibits there.

For more, check the Linden Lab blog page (here).

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