Saturday, June 2, 2012

Another Linden Blunder Hits a Resident

With the harsh treatment Alleara Snoodle got last month from Linden Lab still on my mind, another of my friends came forward with another story. "Thanks to Linden Labs and a accounting error," she told me "I'm going to lose my primary account."

My friend went on, "Thanks to a error in their accounting computer my account got switched from a basic account to a Premium Annual account." I asked if she could switch it back, and she told me that wasn't the big problem, "they locked and disabled the account until I pay the $72 dollars they say I owe." She had never been notified of the account's status change, "I have till the 24th of (June) to take care of it though, or the account will be cancelled and wiped from the server."

My friend requested that her name not be listed, either her primary account or the one she has been using currently, " hate to even think I'd lose the account over something as retarded as Linden Lab."

The friend in question is pretty much devoted to Second Life thanks to a few individuals whose friendships she values, so she plans on sticking around regardless. But what does this say to those thinking of getting land from the Lab, or expanding their holdings?

Linden Lab, how much money can you expect to make in the long run if your customers lose your trust in you?

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. Accounting error my tail. If it was an error, it could easily be reversed. I think they're trying to see what they can get away with. Good on her for coming forward, I hope it encourages more to follow in her footsteps revealing the jerkery that is LL. --- Xym