Saturday, June 9, 2012

Burn2 "Burniversity-athon" Event

The Burn2 group is having an event today, with what they call the first of their "Burniversity," or rather their "Burniversity-athon." Here, one can get a few lessons on building, and what to expect at the real Burning Man art festival, which Burn2 is based on.

It may be June, but for us it's back to school -- Burn2 style. Join us at our very first Burniversity-athon, this Saturday, the 9th of June 2012. Here's the whole schedule!

9a-10a SLT – DMV workshop with EmCee Widget: How to build a basic art car.

10a-11a SLT – Burning Man 101 with Ronon Carver: How to prepare for Burning Man – what to take, what to expect, basic survival, questions and answers.

12n-2p SLT – Sound and Lag with Lorin Tone: How to use sound effectively in your builds.

2p-3p SLT – Poetry Workshop with Jilly Kidd.

3p-4p – Synchronized performances with Klark Harvy: How to create synchronized performances in Second Life. The first half hour is a demonstration of synchronized male dancers; the second half hour is a discussion of how to create these synchronized performances.

Come and join us, and get the jump on Burn2!

There was no location given as to where in Deep Hole the event was (this location was once their information tent): Burning Man Deep Hole (96, 6, 25).

Read more at the Burn2 website:

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