Friday, June 1, 2012

A "Hair-Raising" Contest for Relay For Life

Since June 2011, "The Hair" has been a fixture of Fuzzball Ortega and the Steelhead Salmons Relay for Life team. Now it seems there's an effort to make an even more outrageous 'doo. An announcement and notecard in the RFL group had the following:

"Steelhead Salmon RFL and Cancer Free Zone are looking for people who are up for a Hair Raising experience. We want to know if you can build a hair to rival The Hair?!? (We) want to see what YOU can come up with. The first 12 people to send in their entry form will be entered into the build. Please have your entry form to Rose Dreadlow NO later than June 3, 2012!

All entries MUST be ready for display by June 15, 2012. Voting will be done by kiosk donation between June 16 and June 17, 2012 to determine the Best Hair Raiser! Hair must not have a physical impact on the land of more than 255. All Entrants will be required to join the Hair Club for Relayers group for the event to help facilitate better communication.

Please direct all questions to either Fuzzball Ortega or Rose Dreadlow."

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