Friday, June 15, 2012

Second Life Newser at SL9B

And here's our office exhibit at the Second Life Birthday Event, courtesy of Qwark Allen. It's just about ready. Nearby are attractions such as the "First Church of Rosedale" waterslide, DrFran Babcock & Ariel Loonie's city park plot, and Mikati Slade's cake can be seen in the background.

June 18 is the big day, only three days left. Builders have even less, just two days before the sims are closed and it's time to "put the hammers down" on June 17th. The day is also "Press Day," in which the media gets a look at the place, at least the media which isn't already here.

The Second Life Newser office exhibit is at DreamSeeker SL9B Kyuu (86, 76, 21)

For more information, check the SL9B blog at The Flickr is Here.

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