Saturday, June 2, 2012

SL9B Update

Developments with the Second Life Ninth Birthday continue. One of the deadlines, that for signing up as an exhibitor, is quickly approaching. If you're still thinking about it, you have until Midnight tomorrow, June 3rd.

In the eighth of Crap Mariner's "Angel of Death" videos, the "Prim Reaper" says they have plenty so far, but still room for more, "We got so many applications, we're up to our butts in them. ... Keep 'em coming." He also announces that the total number of volunteers has surpassed the number of last year's anniversary event, "It's even bigger!" In "the next few days," exhibitors will be told their place is confirmed, and where it is.

A few sneak peeks of the SL9B have been made available, both in the SL9B blog, and on the SL9B Flickr page. Also, Daniel Voyager announced on the Second Life Destination Guide, a SL9B category has been created, "so far there are three SL9B listings added." The page itself says, "Many venues are still under construction, so stay tuned for new places and events as they are ready."

Keep reading for updates at the SL9B blog: .

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