Friday, June 15, 2012

Virtual Railway Consortium Gives Thanks to Former Leader

Second Life Newser recently reported on a resignation in the Virtual Railway Consortium, it's former Secretary Stryker Jenkins. Since then, there has been an official statement from the VRC, thanking him for his service.

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On behalf of all VRC members, thank you to Stryker Jenkins for his tireless service in the group, specifically in the official role of Secretary from which he recently resigned. Stryker's dedication to the group leadership work will be missed, and we're grateful that he plans to continue the many voluntary efforts he's done for the group, including mapmaking, building, recruiting new members, maintaining the website, and more.
Striker's hard work during his term has made it possible to manage the group with much less effort than before, but we do need to elect a new Secretary to fill the vacant position; we plan to initiate the formal election process after SL9B has concluded and well before major work begins on Rail Rally 2012.

The VRC is a bigger and more active group in Second Life than ever before, in many ways due to Stryker's diligent participation. We hope his interest will continue and grow along with the group.

Thank you Stryker!

Leadership Team
Virtual Railway Consortium

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For more on the Virtual Railway Consortium, check out it's website: .

Gemma Cleanslate

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