Thursday, June 21, 2012

Update on the Blake Sea Dispute

Yesterday, Gemma Cleanslate, with the help of Howdy Colter and Marianne McCann, reported on a dispute in the Blake Sea region between the sailors of some modern day ships whom had just arrived there and the pilots and sailors of civilian craft whom had been using it before. The last development was when there was a ban enacted against the warships. The full bulletin that was posted was finally recovered by Gemma.

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Hello All,

Due to the excess, disruptive events and protesting at Hollywood Airport and surrounding sims including Blake Sea - China, the management team has now found it necessary to implement a temporary ban of all navel/combat oriented vessels in the water surrounding the airport on the Santa Catalina sim, We hope to be able to lift this ban as soon as possible.

Exclusions to this ban are SLCG (Second Life Coast Guard) vessels. Also this ban does NOT apply to the peaceful use of military planes, jets or helicopters used for leisure flight.
How it works:
One warning will be given, failure to comply to this warning will result in an immediate two-week ban.

If poor conduct is given to the administrator that is warning the person, the ban time will be bumped up to a minimum of one month.

The ban will be from the Hollywood Estate, including the regions:

Santa Catalina (Hollywood Airport)
Hollywood (Starboards Yacht Club)

Any other consequences will be pressed if necessary-

We would like to remind everyone that Hollywood Airport is meant to be a fun and peaceful place to come and share a common interest, flying. Disrespect of your fellow pilots, security and/or management will NOT be tolerated.

Once again, we hope to return to regular operations as soon as possible. We are sorry for the current inconvenience


jetplane1123 Hanly
Serendipity Weatherwax
Felicia Humbridge
Hollywood Airport Management Team
June 20th, 2012
Santa Catalina

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  1. Excellent news, having been torpedoed repeatedly while sailing my catboat last week - Marbach