Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Newser "Puts Its Hat in the Ring" for SL9B

And here's our spot, in DreamSeeker SL9B Kyuu. Until our exhibit's ready, we needed something to mark our place. So I found a little something. Okay, maybe not so little.

I've had only a little experience building, not to mention busy as heck writing articles. So have been looking for help, and it looks like a friend is willing to help out. So we'll have a real build by the time the event opens.

And here's the latest SL9B video, in which the "Prim Reaper" gleefully announces they received more applications than any previous Second Life Birthday event. The bad news, they had to turn down a few people. However, there is some hope that they'll get a chance at plots that are unclaimed, or taken back due to an exhibitor trying to build a "shopping mall."

And oh yes, if you look carefully, you can see Gemma Cleanslate as the Prim Reaper chats about how exhibits and events outside the birthday area can be advertised at the community hub.

For more information, check the SL9b website: .

Bixyl Shuftan

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