Thursday, June 7, 2012

Furnation Going Down? Not Quite

One of the more noted furry regions in Second Life are the Furnation sims. Unlike Luskwood and Rocket City, the place caters to residents with a taste for a more adult side of the Grid. Although not as old as Luskwood, it has been in Second Life for several years. The FCA's Fur Club was built in and spent it's first few years in Furnation.

Xymbers recently heard on the Furnation website about an announcement that suggested the region would soon be closing:

FurNation within the game of Secondlife will no longer be avalible . It Has been Seven Years since its initial launch on SecondLife & has run itself useful as a social gathering spot within SL. This announcement does not go without a hitch, The Name will no longer be on SecondLife but the simulators owned by the respected land owners may or maynot still be there without the FurNation tag on them.

As Linden Labs has shown itself useful in the past I beleive it is time to move on from that medium and expand FurNation into deeper roots and on Its own media where the fandom/supporters controls it.

[Further announcements will be made on the new media and the future of its creation]

I would like to thank all the Furs/People who helped take care of FurNation within SecondLife for as long as you guys have.

Taking a look around, the Furnation sims were smaller in number than a few years ago, but still there. The welcome area was still there. The sandbox was still there, and there were functioning clubs. I talked to a few people, asking about someone saying the place was going away, but no one who answered me heard of it.

Finally, I got in touch with Corsi Mousehold, the owner of the sims. he told me the announcement on the website was "Not true at all." He told me what was going on was a case of internal drama, calling the matter over.

So it seems this region on the Grid will still be around.

*Update* Second Life Newser was contacted by Trun, whom co-owns the Furnation website. His explanation was that the sims themselves won't be going anywhere as long as their owner keeps them up. He stated that the region would simply would no longer be officially linked to


Bixyl Shuftan

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