Saturday, June 30, 2012

The World-Famous Steelhead Critter Races

A Benefit Event for Relay For Life in Secondlife
Sponsored by Team Steelhead Salmons & the Steelhead Public Library

Sunday July 1, 2011
Races start at 6pm SLT
Steelhead Port Harbor (132, 127, 3012)

If you have a critter and it can be raced, this event is made for you!

Bring your horses, tigers, ostriches, banthas and other ridable critters!
(Ground critters only - Sorry, our course is not suitable for flying races)

You are critterless? Ostrich is lame? Bantha has mange?
Then drive one of our free Roman Chariots!

Trophies for the winners
Commemorative items for all entrants
Entry fee 500$L for 1 race, 1500$L for more than 1.
All proceeds benefit RFL.

Schedule (All times are SLT/PST)

Practice session.
Open track available to all registered entrants.

Races start.

7-8pm (or after end of last race)
Afterparty with DJ Thadicus Caligari.

Race 1 - Reasonably Sized Critters
Open race for any ridable animal that will fit into the starting gate.

Race 2 - Unreasonably Sized Critters
Open to any non-flying critter
LeMans-style race - avatars will stand in starting gate, at start run to a designated spot, rez their critters, begin race.

Race 3 - Horse Race
Open to any SL horse that will fit in the starting gate.

Race 4 - Roman Chariots
A free chariot will be furnished with each entry & only these chariots will be allowed on the track. LeMans start - avatars in starting gate, at start run to your chariot and drive away.

Steelhead Port Harbor -19th c. Pacific Northwest , Steelhead Port Harbor (132, 127, 3012)

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