Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SL Machinima: "SL9B - The Angel Of Death #13" Applications Closed

Number 13 of Crap Mariner's "Angel of Death" videos for the SL9B, in which he announces no more applications are being taken for the event, thanking the exhibitors for their patience.

"Applications are closed for Exhibitors, Volunteers, and Performers, but we're still looking for greeters. And we're still going through the applications we already have for builders and performers. Thank you for your continued patience, we'll get to you soon."

The previous videos did have their funny moments and useful info. Number 12 had some good news. The number of prims allowed per exhibit was going up from 234 to 257. In number 11, the "Prim Reaper" complains of people asking if they can go ahead and build before reading their mail about the date. And in number 10, "M-Poster Linden" tries to lend a hand, but instead tries the patience of the Reaper a little too much.

Oh, and the staff was a little more busy than how they're depicted. On Monday June 4rth, they were busy approving people starting at 10AM SL time, and continued throughout the day.

For more information, check the SL9B website: http://sl9b.wordpress.com/ .

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