Thursday, June 14, 2012

SL9B Preparations contined

Opening day is coming soon!! ( the 18th of June) As an Exhibit Assistant I have had the privilege of helping the exhibitors get their plots going, setting music for them, chasing prims that flew across the sims and enjoying it all. It has been very busy!!

As I stood trying to do my work after meeting builders on their plot, they were throwing up creations right around my feet! Some were so excited to have their builds placed immediately. It was great fun. One prim became 250 in about 4 minutes! Some creators are still holding theirs in their sandboxes or or pockets til the last moment. But a look at the 20 sims on the map tells the story. Most plots are full.

The spirit of cooperation among the whole staff has been outstanding. The exhibitors for the most part have been so grateful for any assistance we could give them. It is a wonderful experience to be part of it all. I recommend you all set aside lots of time to visit. There are so many plots. 300 besides that, the stages for performers and for DJ parties, and an auditorium for meetings and learning. There is also a pod ride for the eastern and one for the western areas. Taking the ride will be fun as you will hear about some of the surrounding builds as you pass along the roads. You will find it near the entrance.

The birthday cake is a decoration to behold. It occupies the center of the whole 20 sims. Take a look at the map when you come and you will see it!

Gemma Cleanslate


  1. I will come and take a look when the party launches. But as happy as I am to see the users organize and run a show, it should not have been necessary to do so in the first place.

    As I've said before, if LL can't give a d*** anymore, why should the rest of us?

  2. Well Shocker, Tateru Nino once suggested the most successful party was SLB3, which the Lindens largely stayed out of it, aside from donating the sims. Why they didn't do so now? I'm sure peoples' imagination can fill in the blanks.

    That and just because the suits think they have to be party poopers doesn't mean we have to be. ;-)