Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Team Fringe Renaissance Faire

On Sunday, June 3rd, the Relay for Life group Team Fringe started a Renaissance Faire.

"The Fringe is proud to bring you their second annual Renaissance Faire for Relay For Life! Everything kicks off today at the Four Pines sim at 8AM SLT. There are many quality Merchants to shop, and even an En Garde game to play!"

I dropped in late Sunday, not arriving in time to see the events earlier. At 8AM James Ollerton (aka Big Red Coyote) kicked off the fair with some storytelling. This was followed bu poetry reading at 10AM by Morgue McMillan. DJ Shay Sunnyside performed a music set at Noon. And at 2PM was a dance show by The Dazzlers.

I did see one of the volunteers for the event, "we have storytellers off and on all week," and also mentioned live music events, as well as dance, "Saturday we have a ballet." Between events, "There around a dozen different Merchants with shops about the sims, and also some single vendors here and there with cool stuff. And also an En Garde game off along the west side that is fun."

For the Relay as a whole, there were other events going on that weekend, such as a race by the Relay Road Rash, and a "silent art auction" by the Inspired Dreamwalkers. There was also this announcement, "Today, June 3, is National Cancer Survivors Day. Communities around the world will host events today to honor cancer survivors and show that life after a cancer diagnosis can be meaningful, fulfilling, and even inspiring. Please remember Celebrate the survivors in your RL families, friends and in your Relay teams as you Relay today!"

The faire is at The Four Pines (125, 163, 1000)

Bixyl Shuftan

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