Saturday, June 30, 2012

SL Youtube: "SL9B - The Cake Explodes "

Posted by KT Syakumi, "If you didn't see it, just before the sims went offline, Mikatis beautiful cake exploded! I videoed it for all to see." Asked "if anyone got hit in the noggin by a flying piece of cake," KT answered, "I did, repeatedly, and she left it all for me to clean up." KT explained this was her first try at a SL video, as Mikati was going to get someone else to film, "but they didn't show up. So five minutes before she exploded it, I downloaded Fraps and learnt how to film. I did almost everything wrong." Despite her lack of confidence, others in SL9B chat cheered her on, and RacerX Gullwing invited her to join in the filming of the next Cross-Sim Giant Snail Race (today).

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