Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Troubled Waters at the Blake Sea

The Blake Sea has been the location of some controversy. Groups of WW2 era ships have recently come to the waters, to the irritation of the sailing community that was already there. The result has been protests and counter-protests over the use of the ocean sims. Gemma Cleanslate got together with Howdy Colter to write about the dispute

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  1. If they are public waterways, then they are public waterways. And the sailing folks are not the only ones who may use them. And just like in RL, the sailing vessels have to get around and coexist with the bigger vessels in the waterways. If the sailing folks want a private place, let them buy one.

    That said, the vessels must not be static -- if they are not actual vehicles then they shouldn't be in the public waterways. But I haven't seen that to be the case with the navies in the waters (though I admit the carriers are huge)

    Just say that any vessel over 30m long has to sail in the contested waters, and make the contested waters half of the blake sea. Problem solved -- big boats can still have fun and the small boats don't get crushed by them.