Monday, July 23, 2012

Mino's Shining Art

I was very happy to receive an invitation to the opening of a new exhibit at Art Studio 33 in the Art Warehouse. Mino ( Minollo Menges) has a display of new work. Monroe Snook says of the artist, ”His new direction is a departure from his last exploration and is rich in a wonderful glow."

Looking deeply into the content, you care about the figures represented. "Who are they? What has put them in that position? What are their thoughts?” It does have a rich glow. Mino says he does not take his work too seriously. He has feelings like all humans, and likes to put them out in his art. I tried to ask Mino about his works and he told me, “You know Gemma, since I used to make my works for myself, because I need to catch all many things I've inside my head, I barely think about exhibits, or anything else. I just need to work and I do.”

The images are lovely and the light shines out of each one. The exhibit will be there until August 17. I love to visit the Studio33 exhibits at the Rockcliffe Conservatory. Monroe Snook, the gallerist , always invites outstanding artists to display their works. After you visit this exhibit you may like to TP down to the ground exhibit to see a retrospect of the scupts of Elros Touminen from several years ago, from Monroe’s private collection. They are placed all around the studio 33.

To get to Mino’s exhibit: .

Gemma Cleanslate

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