Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Relay Track

As the date of the Relay Walk approaches, the teams have been hard at work on the builds at their camps. Many are already complete or nearly so. Around the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life sims, the ring of Relay Track sims is taking shape.

Dropping by the Passionate Redheads camp, in the southeast corner of the RFL Hero sim (second north from the southeast corner in the map above), it's also largely complete. So what does it look like ... here's a sneak peak at one tiny part. A larger view will come later.

Check out Daniel Voyager's article for a list of sim names, and the team totals for a list of their campsites. The sims are closed to the general public for now, open to all at after the opening ceremonies on 10AM on Saturday June 14th.

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