Friday, July 20, 2012

Wigs For Kids: The Hair Fair

I took a quick trip over to the Hair Fair. The fair is set up to gather all the best hair available in SL and to raise money for “Wigs for Kids.” Having been to one before, I took the advice of the poster board warning of lag and put on an outfit and hair base provided. I also decided to use the “bus.” There is a prim rezzer available for anyone who wants to ride a bus, which is actually a prim on which you sit and edit yourself all over the sims. I tried it for a while but it was too cumbersome.

As you know, Hair creators usually let you wear a demo before you decide to make a purchase. Can someone explain to me what is the sense of handing out a demo box which cant be opened immediatly at the fair to try the hair??? I left that shop quickly. The easiest way to find your favorite vendor is to check the website which lists all the shops and you can get to the slurl by clicking on the name. .

There are some lovely mesh hair styles if your computer supports mesh. I did try on some offerings. You will find styles for children, male and female, as well as adults. The Fair is not just for humans. I ran into an android shopping for hair and hats. July 29 is Bandana Day when you are all invited to wear a bandana in honor of those children who have lost their hair in treatment. You will find a shop with all sorts of bandanas to purchase.

Take a tip, go low script, prim, or be prepared for uber lag!

The fair will be open til the 29th of July. Enjoy!

To go there, head to Hair Fair - Water (129, 56, 22)

Gemma Cleanslate

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