Monday, July 2, 2012

SL9B: Reflections

Would it be the fragmented ”Look for something to do that somewhere on the grid" kind of celebration, or nothing at all, was in my mind when the LL put out the announcement they were leaving the birthday to us. Well, I figured what would be would be and went along as usual in SL, until I heard from Honour McMillan. Would I be willing to help as an exhibitor assistant for a birthday bash? I said yes I would.

At that time I did not know the extent of what was going to become an amazing success from beginning to end. The time passed so quickly it is hard to remember it all. We were all so busy settling builders on their plots. It is a blur. Then calls for streams and names and landing points went on for days. Everyone was so nice .The builders were so cooperative with the rules and thankful for any help. A couple tried to kidnap me, LOL, and it was great compliment. It was an experience. Loved that job!

Next I settled into security mode. Although there were some issues regarding rules of the party most were cleared up easily. Yes, the usual griefers appeared as expected and off they went . This was my first time involved in a SL birthday event. I loved it!!!

The leads of the event are to be congratulated for their support and wisdom:

Senior Lead, Performance Lead and Grumpy Old Man – Doctor Gascoigne
Land and Exhibitor Lead – KT Syakumi
Land Goddess – Diana Renoir
Volunteer Lead and Cruise Director- Budster Bashly
PR and Advertising Lead – Saffia Widdershins
Greeter Lead – Honour McMillan
SL9B Troll- Crap Mariner

The sponsors are to be thanked for their expense in donating 20 sims for the event.
Dream Seekers Estates, KittyCats, Fruit Islands Estates, and NEO Streams, who donated all the streams used in the sims.

All the volunteers did a wonderful job through out it all . At this time we are in withdrawal, which I think will take a few weeks! I hope you got there and I hope you loved it. Take a look at Loki’s video when you want to see it all again. With all the time I sent in the sims I never got to see 300 exhibitors . I know because up to the last day I was discovering new fascinating builds.

See you at SL10B. Plans are already under way!

Gemma Cleanslate

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