Thursday, July 19, 2012

RFL Walk 2012: The Flood Party

On Wednesday, the final day of the Relay track before the takedown, people were going about seeing a few more sights, taking a few more pictures, and of course there was what's become a Relay tradition in Second Life since 2010: the "Flood Party." Group announcements from Trader1 Whiplash let people know.

Please be advised the grid-wide weather service has posted a severe weather watch for numerous RFL sims this evening, possibly around 6 PM SLT.

A severe weather watch means you can expect rain, possibly heavy at times, high winds, and localized flooding in low-lying areas of the RFL track.

People were gathering at T1Radio's Studio in the RFL Acceptance sim, the station playing music. And as 6 PM rolled around, the rain began to fall, and the water began to cover the road. DJ Madonna joked this was one reason why she wore a latex rubber suit. People danced away, some sporting ducky inflatable tubes. As time went on, the water got a little deeper. Fortunately for anyone without a swimmer AO, it didn't match the ten meters of the first flood party in 2010, but on the road it did get waist deep.

Eventually, the waters receded, the party came to a close, and everyone went their seperate ways, some going about the track for one more look at the builds. Thursday is the takedown day in which the builds come down. Come Friday or Saturday, the sims will fade away for another year.

Bixyl Shuftan

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