Friday, July 13, 2012

SL Youtube: "Vic and the Pink Dalek"

And now for some Relay for Life fun involving Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington) of the Relay for Life "Team Dr. Who Fans in SL" and a pink-plated Dalek.

"Victor1st Mornington and a pink Dalek enjoying a lovely date together.

"We won time with Victor1st following a Relay For Life Auction. So what better than him being reunited with the pink Dalek once again!

"Please support Relay for Life, together we can help find a cure. Please goto -

"With Thanks to Michelle Leckrone for filming & Editing this.

"The name Dalek and Doctor Who are solely owned by the BBC, I own nothing!"

For those not familiar with "Dr Who," the Daleks are killer robots normally hostile to everything other than themselves. The classic ones are stainless steel, but more recent seasons of the show have these newer models that have inspired a few "Power Ranger" jokes from some Whovians.

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