Sunday, July 1, 2012

Reader Submitted: "Fuzzball Exposed"

No, "the Fuzz" hasn't been moonlighting as a stripper. Submitted by Eugenia Burton, she told me this was taken at a Relay for Life event when some avatars were doing a Chippendale dancers act, and Fuzzball was in on it, although with less revealing wear below the waist.

There were also several other shots submitted which could not be published due to SL Newser's policy on only using "work safe" pictures.

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  1. Xyfer Bock, of the Relay Rockers, basically has worn the same outfit since he first came to the Grid, Boardshorts, hoodie, and sandals. The event was to raise lindens to have him wear a tuxedo for a certain amount of time. So, Trader Whiplash came up with the Xyfendale Dancers, and asked if I'd be a part of it.......things I do for Relay