Monday, July 16, 2012

SL Machinima: "Time Travelers Ep 5 - Quantum Entangled "

The latest "Time Travellers" episode by Pookymedia is up, "We are all of us connected, none more so than the Teen Time Travelers who must fight to escape the danger of the approaching Meks. As they jump through time and again meet their future selves, the stakes escalate around the future as they must follow their present destiny. Game on!

"The award winning series, Time Travelers, is an animated adventure series about the future. The series showcases future careers in science such as geoengineering for alternative energy, nanobiolology and neuroscience for learning and health care.

"Time Travelers was sponsored by the leader in education financing SLFC, , and iHelp, , committed to helping students achieve their educational and career goals. For over 30 years SLFC has been a pioneer in enabling students to realize their dreams for the future through education. SLFC's support made Time Travelers a reality.

"Time Travelers will be seen online, at International Film Festivals and throughout the nation at FutureLab: The Innovation Expo ."

Written by James Canton and Pooky Amsterdam. Pooky, whom is known for hosting the game show, "the 1st Question," takes on a role in this episode.

See Episode 4 Here, and Episodes 1-3 combined Here.

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