Saturday, March 13, 2021

Announcement: Pi Day Tomorrow at Inspiration Island


 PI Day celebrates--well--PI   
Naturally it is celebrated on 3.14

This year Emileigh Starbrook, creator of so many amazing exhibits for the San Francisco Exploratorium, will be exhibiting different ways to use PI --
Enjoy her "Math Art with Humor"!

Location at WBH:

Drop in as much as you like    Here is the schedule:

11:30   Introduction of new Inspiration Island Anthem, composed by Cosmic Tara @ WBH Music Cafe

12 noon  "Introduction to Pi Day"
 Celebrate the opening w/ our inimitable Ari

1 pm   Dance and chat at the Exhibit  Enjoy live music by celebrated pianist-composer Prowess Rayna

2 pm  Game Instruction at II Games Park led by Pela -  fun for all!
 Compete w/ Liss - it won't be hard to win :)

3 pm   Return to Exhibit for more chatting and dancing    Emileigh will DJ -- her musical choices will tickle your fancy

Get your special free PI Day T-shirt!

Note:  this exhibit honors the memory of Patio Plasma, who started the first PI Day in SL

Wisdomseeker (Lissena Resident)

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