Friday, March 5, 2021

Homes For Our Troops, Rare Disease Day Fundraisers

Sunday February 28 had not just one charity event (besides those for the Relay for Life), but two. At Veterans Isle,  they had their monthly benefit dance. From 4 to 9 PM SL time, several live musicians and one DJ performed for the crowd, which donated money to two house-shaped kiosks on either side of the stage. The money raised went to Homes For Our Troops.  The event was organized in part by Frets Nirvana.

 Here we go folks …our February 2021 Homes For Our Troops benefit is tonight …with a great lineup and Waya Snowpaw is already kicking it off!  Come on out for a great night of music …and help us stay in the top ten of Homes For Our Troops donors.  Let’s beat 2020’s $15750 in donations.

Things started off at 4 PM with DJ Waya Snowpaw.  Next was Wes West at 5 PM. At 6PM it was Wolfie Monshadow's turn on stage. Paul Nowles began entertaining the crowd at 7 PM. And Lark Bowen did the last hour at 8 PM. 

A total of 110,374 Linden dollars were raised. 

To learn more about Homes for Our Troops, chech out their website at

For the full 24 hours that day, there was a fundraiser for Rare Disease Day. It was held high above the Tainted Island sim in what looked like an urban city square. The event was to raise awareness for rare and uncommon diseases. It's not just treatments that are an issue, but also that doctors might not consider the possibility of them when diagnosing patients. Twenty-four musicians, one per hour, performed for the often-small crowds. 

Following the event, Wesley Regenbogen, one of the organizers, contacted the Newser, "We raised 106,481 L$ at the music event. ... That is 275,33 € or 332.75 USD. I was told for the first time that it's a great start. ... it's been a success first edition."

Wesley hoped the event would be an annual one.

Bixyl Shuftan

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