Thursday, March 4, 2021

Scenes From The RFL Home And Garden Festival

There's a lot going on at the RFL Home and Garden Festival. The Hope 01 sim is best known for it's Main Stage. But on the sides of the sims are various small buildings that have been handed out to various teams. This includes one for Team Sunbeamers.

Besides making a donation to the team, one can always walk in and purchase one of a few nick-knacks up for sale, all proceeds going to the team. There's also a little information on the weekly Moon Dance that happens ever Thursday (including today), and the Sunbeamer Air Show that's scheduled to take place on May 8.

One event that takes place every day is the Lantern Ceremony.  This is the daily moment to reflect on those whom have passed away to cancer. At 4PM every afternoon, many dozens are rezzed, and float to the sky. Saffia Widderships announces it in Relay chat, "We have been doing this every year at the Expo since 2012, when Immortalis Cyannis first made these lanterns."

Dropping by, the people watching had a few comments, "So touching, so memorable, gives everyone a time to reflect and so well done." "This really is the highlight of the Expo day. thanks for doing this, Saffia." After half an hour, it came to a close, "But it will be happening again at 4pm tomorrow night, and every night bar one ..."

For more pictures, Wildstar Beaumont has a few more on his Flickr page.

Bixyl Shuftan

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