Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Gacha Guild Event Almost Over


 The Spring Gacha Guild event is almost over. So if you want to take part in the event's Halftime Event, hop on over. Click just below the NPC Kitteh to get the hunt HUD, and click on him for instructions. 

  To get started with the event, you'll want to click the sign below me to get your HUD. It helps you keep track of your points! After putting that on you're ready to get hunting.
 You'll be looking for these scrap gears. The rustier ones are practically everywhere, but you can't expect the shiny new ones to be found so easily! You must be nearrr them to click them, and somehow magically they'll only give you points once a day.
  But no worries!
 They rrreset at midnight to give more points the next day. There's 15 super rusty cogs (10 points), 10 worn cogs (15 points) and 6 shiny new cogs (25 points) to find.
  Once you have enough points for the things you want, simply click the prrrize boards inside the airship, spend your points, and you'll be sent a wonderful gift for your grueling efforts. After this I would definitely recommend a nice nap. Maybe on a big pile of gold. Yeah, that sounds nice...

So how many points can you get in a day? A couple friends told me over they found over 400 points of gears. And they can be found in all kinds of places to more or less in plain sight to slightly out of the way. They're not just in the area opened for the halftime, but also in the vendor area and the area to explore around it.

The points you get can be exchanged for prizes on a board you'll find in a place opened by the halftime event. 

For some, the hunt is the real fun in the halftime event, and of course there's the exploring around in this steampunk-themed event with a few sky pirate ships. As for napping on a pile of gold, first you'll have to find it.

For hints, Click Here


Bixyl Shuftan

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