Wednesday, March 24, 2021

RFL Announcement: Invitation to the Bid Me Bald Team Challenge


The Relay Rockers invite all teams to join us in a Bid Me Bald Multi Team Challenge Event.

From April 9 through April 17th the Relay Rockers will place Kiosks on the Boardwalk in Arinultra Cay for each participating team. At the close of the ‘Bidding’ at 4:30pm April 17th the Kiosks will be totaled and the Challenge Winners will Shave the Head of the lowest total team.

~Totals of All Kiosks will determine the Days : 1 Day Bald for All team members for each L$10,000

~Only the official Kiosk, placed by the Relay Rockers will be used to determine winners and Total days bald.

*This is NOT a Relay Rockers Fund Raiser* We are helping all participating teams to fundraise and have fun.

~Official Kiosks will be configured for each individual team and count toward their team totals.

~Team Kiosks that fail to raise at least L$1000 will be removed before the final accounting, and will not be considered for Haircuts

Bid Me Bald is the signature fundraising event of the Relay Rockers and Celebrates survivors. Those who hear the words ‘You have cancer’ have little choice when it comes to hair loss. We can choose and we do so in solidarity with our honored survivors.

The event will be administered by the Relay Rockers. Registration opens March 13th and closes on March 31st. (see form below). Kiosks for each participating team be placed by the Rockers on the Boardwalk at Arinultra Cay. Bidding opens at 5pm On Friday April 9th. Teams will be provided with signage, ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ Invitations and landmarks after registering.

For more Information please contact Bid Me Bald Challenge administrator Female Winslet.

The Rockers look forward to seeing all of our fellow Relayers join this fun event and help the American Cancer Society Save Lives, Celebrate Lives and Lead The Fight For a World Without Cancer.


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