Sunday, March 21, 2021

RFL Events: "Time Traveller's Ball" Today and "Singing For A Cure" on Monday


 **ACTS'  Time Traveller's Ball Sunday March 21st from 10:00 - 12::00p
 The Time Traveller’s Ball is the extravaganza that kicks off Team Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps’ season. Come enjoy your travel through time led by Team ACTS. Music by DJ Otenth Paderborn,  The venue is built by Cassie Eldemar and decor by Wildstar Beaumont. This is an great and fun tradition of the steamlands. Get in your tardis and come now - hurry - the timeship is in Australia.

"Singing For A Cure"

Monday March 22, 12-5 PM SL time

12 Winter, 1 Aaron Cabott Jones, 2 Ichie Kamachi, 3 Savannah, 4 Holy Giles

Tuesday March 23, 12-6 PM SL time

12 BC Kendall Jigsaw, 1 Shad Obscure, 2 Willow Sleydon-Eternium, 3 Stephanniyah Sinatra, 4 TJ Joubert, 5 Erik Kottzen

 At the American Cancer Society sim  (126/126/24)

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