Monday, March 15, 2021

SL Video: "Talks at the RFL Home & Garden Expo 2021 in Second Life - The Moles"


(Click here if the video fails to play)

On Friday March 12, Saffia Widdershins interviewed several of Linden Lab's Moles. The event took place at the Home and Garden Expo's theater at 2PM SL time.  The Moles interviewed, left to right, were Maximus, Abnor, Chronos, Alotta, and Dion.

Abnor's roles have been fairly well known, having gone from mainland projects like roads to other things, "now building a continent." Maximus described himself as a "generalist." Chronos called himself a content creator, working with animesh and texturing, such as with Linden Homes and special projects. Alotta stated he was in the quality assurance department, and marketing. Dion joked his specialty was drinking lots of coffee, going on to say he was with a decoration team, and worked with  Chronos with several projects.

The Moles talked about various subjects, such as favorite builds, and that the map glitch that was bugging everyone else was also inconveniencing them in their building of Bellisseria. When asked about any information on the SL18B, notably the theme, Patch would just answer "Stay tuned."

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