Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Breaking News: Steelhead Estates to Close

The following letter went out to the residents of Steelhead today in the community group.

* * * * *

To Steelhead,

These past few weeks I've been contemplating many live choices that have presented itself to me in RL. Career change, school, poor health, finances, even relationships. Everything just threw itself together until it came to the point where I couldn't juggle one life let alone two.

A decision regarding many things have been set forth. In regards to Steelhead I give you the unhappy news that I am closing her... for good. I had given possibility to downsizing, to rename and retheme and to sell but the only thing I can do is to let her go. I have financially taken over the cost of two sims for the past year, with a dead car and an option to purchase a house of my own I cannot rightfully maintain that.

The sims will be in queue to be offlined by the end of the month. Anyone who has time on meters beyond that I will be getting in touch with you individually over the course of the next few days.

After this I will leave second life for awhile. With a mother who is in very poor health, a demanding job, going to school full time it is best for me. This decision is not lightly made, it took a long time to come up with it. Steelhead is my second home in SL, and my first love. When I am in a better place I will return and we will rebuild. I don't go quietly into the night, and this isn't goodbye... it is 'see you soon.'

Thank you for the past nine years.
- TotalLunar Eclipse

Oh and... we'll be blowing stuff up. :) It's only fitting.

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