Monday, September 14, 2015

Genome Island : Learning all about our own DNA !

By Wesley Regenbogen

Genome Island is an island in Second Life that handles about genomes and our human DNA.
Max Chatnoir, AKA Dr. Mary Anne Clark, Professor of Biology for Texas Wesleyan University in real life, created the island herself in another location other than today's in 2004. In 2007 the island moved to its present location in the SciLands region of Second Life, where all the science related themes are located today.
Max Chatnoir also made the design of the island, but most of the scenery was purchased from other content creators in Second Life.
Although there are no events taking place at Genome Island, they do offer science classes in the Spring and in the Fall. The classes taught at Genome Island include : "Cats, Codons and Chromosomes, a science class for nonmajors." They are going to be taught again this Fall. This place is especially made for genetics students, for which she made a special path. Other college or university students are welcome to join in as well.

When you enter the Genome Island sim, you are offered a Genome Island T-shirt as a gift, free to accept or discard it. Later on, you can get a T-shirt with your favorite chromosome and you can wear it.
In my personal opinion, this place is worth exploring. You don’t need to be scientist to understand what it’s about. Since I have beta thalassemia minor ( or trait ) in real life, it’s nice to learn more about the human DNA and stuff like that.
I created my group about real life blood disorders recently, so I find this place very interesting.
I will end this article with a science quote from Dr. Norval Kneten, Dean of Science and Humanities at Texas Wesleyan (Now President of Barton College) who used to say "Science is the next best thing to recess!" 

More information about Genome Island can be found at following link :
You can find Genome Island in-world at this location :

Wesley Regenbogen

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