Friday, September 4, 2015

More on Steelhead's Closing

Of the situation at Steelhead, Lunar made the announcement through his alt Steelhead, as his main account, Totallunar Eclipse, is locked out of Second Life due to a dispute with Linden Lab. He gave the words at the Town Hall meeting on Tuesday Sept 1, "There has been a great deal of talk about my absence and I wanted to go over that with you. Earlier this year my mother had a brain anueyrism. Well that surgery went extremely well and the doctor was suprised and pleased at her results. Then about a month ago she had a stroke, and that didn't go so well. She's not going to bounce back from that. Also its no secret my wife left me nearly a year ago. But the past three weeks have been.... interesting to say the least. A few life changing decisions have been put before me. Big ones having to do with my future, my school, and my career. People who know me know that I love my job managing a tax office. I am giving that up. I am maintaining my job as an analyst, that was a really hard choice, REALLY HARD choice."

"Another choice before me was... Steelhead. I have maintained Steelhead for the past eight to nine years. The past year I have financially maintained her, telling you how much a month would just be counteractive. But let's just say its a lot."

"... I have given this decision a great deal of thought. That's why I have been scarce. I am not happy to announce that I am closing Steelhead. I am drowning in a lot of RL stuff. Yes, all of it. It's been a financial burden of over 400/month. I have thought of downsizing but I have been... well been a bit told that if I do that people would leave, people will be upset over it. (And) I can't sell it if my avatar is locked ... Like I said, I spend a lot of my own money to keep it maintained. My car is dead and I am looking to purchase a house. It's not an easy choice. Sincerely this is not. But I can't maintain it, my health, my family's health, my finances, and for myself."

"I had wanted to downsize and rename it, but it was met with... hesitation. The end of September she will be either gone off the grid or will be in queue to do so. I will refund what I can to those who have put in several weeks of rent. I hope that when I am in a more stable place that I will return and start over. Steelhead will have a big place in my heart. You understand the special place it has for me. Thank you, truly. For making this the best nine years of my life."

"I will contact everyone who has land individually and we will go over some things. I have not contacted any other sim owners, but I will contact Selena and Tenk if you wish to stay in the 'theme.' But we'll blow all the sh*t up before the end, ne?"

"I am not disbanding the group. I think that'll be something I couldn't rightfully do. ... if we can find another place to hold the school then I wouldn't mind staying an instructor. ... This weekend I'll contact everyone, so whoever has land will be hearing from me. This is really hard for me, like I said I spent a very long time going over every possibility of how I could salvage this."

The responses to Lunar/Steelhead were of sadness and words of support, "Steelhead will always have a big place in our hearts, even if it's no longer here." "Steelhead will never truly be gone, if there's no physical presence it will still live on in our hearts. We are Steelhead." "We're as much family as we are community, and I'm certain I'm not the only one here who supports whatever decision you make and your need to take care of your own RL troubles." "We all only wish the best for you. Lunar-Cat." "You have to do what is best for you. Even something as sad as this." "We can all still stay in touch that way and still have a more floating community through it."

Fuzzball Ortega himself commented, "I've been here longer than anyone, save for Lumi. I don't think it's worth Lunar's typist to go through all the trouble to keep it maintained. Steelhead will live on, and we'll always be Steelhead. That's one thing folks can't take from us. Just won't be on a sim."

The talk went on as to how they could continue certain events, such as the school classes. "The school should be easy to do as a floating sort of thing. Field trips already take us outside." "Caledon has no school at the moment. It should be easy to find a place there to hold sessions." " Perhaps talk to Tenk about a school house? I mean, the urchins will likely burn it, but.." "They've blown up schools in Babbage before." "The Babbage urchins burned down the last schoolhouse anyone dared to hold there."

Willow expressed a wish to salvage the Nevermoor sim if at all possible, "I don't think I can find a place to locate the Green Fairy." Someone offered, "We'll find some way to help you find a place, Willow."

Lunar/Steelhead went on, "I have nothing more I can say beyond that. I love this community, it's more family to me than my own in RL. And I truly mean that. This has been the best eight years of my life. I have learned ALOT and grown a great deal as an individual. And you've all been fantastic, truly.  I will return. Well, I won't really go anywhere, but I will rebuild. When i am in a better place. I will have my Daybreak, that's the name I wanted to rename Steelhead to. And I will stay a teacher, just tell me where we can huddle together for it."

"But, this decision wasn't made easy you guys are my family. And I thank you for the last nine years. This isn't goodbye. Thank you all. And this won't be the last time I say this but... meeting adjourned."

* * * * *

Besides the community group staying together, Fuzzball Ortega stated the Steelhead Salmons will remain intact as a Relay for Life team. He also announced he had gotten a quarter sim in the d'Aillez Estates, in Template Craze Amore. As for Steelhead's sims, people have come forward with offers to run one or more until Lunar was back on his feet. But because Linden Lab has locked his main account, there isn't a way for Lunar to transfer the sims. So unless the Lab can be persuaded to unlock the accounts, it seems the Steelhead sims are headed for a day of reckoning.

Residents have been going around the sims, taking pictures to preserve the memories, as well as friends and Steampunk fans from outside the area. What ultimately happens to the community remains to be seen. Will those living in the Steelhead Estates find a new home they can call their own, or end up dispersed? Time will tell.

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. Things are hard enough, but with his account locked, it must be super frustrating.