Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Madpea Charity Auction

This weekend, the "Madpea Celeberty Auction" is taking place. The event boasts three days of DJs and live music performers, in addition to various SL personalities taking part in auctions, from artist Bryn Oh, to SL video journalist Draxtor Despress to the "Queen Pea" Kiana Writer herself, "Last year I ended up singing at Furry Fair so I’m curious to see what you’d like to buy me for!" Some jewelry, real jewelry and not virtual, is also up for bid.

Dropping by yesterday at the location of the event, Stargazer Bay, the place was packed, with dozens of residents listening to Angela McKeenan and her band perform.  By the end of the day, almost half a million Linden dollars had been raised to help build a school in Kenya.

Today boasts events such as Max Kleene's live performance and a screening of Canary Beck's "Paradise Lost" machinima. Sunday has Anek Fuchs' performance and the "live" auctions.

Stargazer Bay (63/65/3008)

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